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Knowing who you truly are is the beginning of all inspiration and wisdom.

Anna’s hands and feet were unusually large for a little girl, but unknown to all, she would grow up to be tall and those same large hands were her gift from God. Her parents owned a few mud huts on a piece of land by the mountainside, on which they farmed corn, sorghum, vegetables, and raised a few cows. Anna grew up and became a talented seamstress and unbeknownst to her, she would one day inspire her son to be a fashion designer in the western world.


It all started in a small village in East Mashonaland Zimbabwe, where a little boy fell in love with the thumping sound of the footer of a vintage Singer sewing machine. Outside the little mud huts, under the hot African sun, Anna would sit and sew with her youngest son patiently observing. “Thread the needle for me my friend, I am losing my eyes” she would always say to make him feel useful and involved. Having found herself uneducated, divorced, and in poverty, she had found a way to turn her hands into her lifeline, teaching herself to knit and sew for a living. The most precious moments in my life belong to sitting next to my mother, watching her sew, and being in awe of the amazing things her hands created with only thread and fabric.


The two most important lessons my mother taught me were that I was special, not because I was better than anyone, but simply because I was me. The other lesson was that it only takes your own two hands to change your world, empowerment. In 2016, Anna died of heart failure. The doctor said she had an enlarged heart, I believe that was due to all the love it held. On the day she died, she first woke up from her coma, then announced she wanted to forgive all who had wronged her in her life, then she peacefully passed away.


Anna was not a designer, she was simply a creator and a humanitarian who cared for children who had lost or were separated from their parents. She is the very foundation of Bless By Bless, which started when she named her little boy Blessing, who in her honor weaves her love and talent in the brands DNA.

Be Empowered! Be Younique!


Bless Maz
Fashion Designer / Humanitarian